Due to the decision made by the Ministry of Health Inspection Service and the Public Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices, we were forced to cancel the website www.cansave.org for the general public, so that anyone interested in the content of this website, was not able to access the site. Unfortunately, this has gone so far as to violate the basic, constitutional right of freedom of expression and information in Slovenia.

Obviously, people do not have the right to know what is available (apart from the official treatment in Slovenia) in other parts of the world in order to decide how they want to be treated. All this indicates that only the methods approved by the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices, which is the part of the Ministry, are available to the persons suffering from some illnesses. We are not not even allowed to inform the public about the other methods and forms of natural healing. The same ones who forbid us to inform the public, decide what can be registered, so that patients in the treatment system are unfortunately only numbers which do not have the right to be fully informed, let alone be treated in a way different from the one which was officially adopted. The method we used to inform and help our patients was strictly assessed as performing a healthcare activity which, of course, is not true. It was their decision to require us to immediately and permanently withdraw from our website all the articles on: Immuno GcMAF therapy, intravenous high doses of vitamin C and amygdalin B17, Cuban vaccines Cimaher (for brain tumors) and Cimavax (for lung cancer), therapy with medical, distilled petroleum and petroleum with black walnut, propolis, cloves and wormwood. 

We sincerely apologize for this matter!


However, in order to allow all the citizens, patients and their families to access information through the content of the site www.cansave.org, the CanSAVE Center has become the Association of Healthy Hugs. This means that anyone who is a member of the Association or wants to become a member of this association has a lasting and free access to the CanSAVE content website at www.cansave.org. Membership is free og charge and without any obligations (there are no subscriptions or ads!). Anyone can join by filling out THIS REGISTRATION FORM HERE with their personal information which will be kept confidential. It takes only one minute to get the access to the site. After registration, you will have a permanent and unrestricted access to the contents of the website www.cansave.org. You will have access to all the information about cancer, illnesses, possible treatments, where you can be treated abroad, what is the treatment like, briefly about everything and anything that might interest anyone affected by cancer. According to the law, members of the society can share and exchange information and help one another in the premises of the association and on the website.